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How to find health benefits

Taking care of your body is more of what we are use to, but taking care of your mind as well is as important, and lacking in todays commercial environment.

Exposure to the great outdoors boosts mental health. Many studies have found that those who spend more time in green spaces reported less depression and anxiety *1

According to the theory known as the ‘biophilia hypothesis,’ humans innately tend to seek connections with green spaces, where the calming environment influences stress hormones in a way that promotes healing and fends off disease.


Forests of wales Make Us Healthier


Immerse Yourself in a Forest for Better Health

You cannot but enjoy the beauty and peace of being in a natural setting, and visiting a forest has real, quantifiable health benefits, both mentally and physically. In theory it is totally free and just 30 minutes around trees and mountainous air can improve your health- a real natural prescription with no negative side effects.

Add an exercise where you are are in the middle of environment that creates oxygen, then the benefits even get better. Throw in a fun activity, and hey presto you have a great health formula.

Health Benefits From Forests
Exposure to forests and trees improves your mood and reduces stress. It can increase your energy level and improve your sleep, boost the immune system and lowers blood pressure, the research goes on! *2

The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries have a formal term for it: shinrin-yoku. It means taking in the forest atmosphere or “forest bathing” and the ministry encourages people to visit forests to relieve stress and improve health.

Give us some feedback, and come and have a go for a couple of hours and let us know how you feel after you completed one of our scooter routes. 




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