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This Privacy Policy constitutes an agreement and understanding between Anture Adventuires Ltd - Trading as Gravity Wheelers, and its Customer (this being the person(s) who uses the services of Gravity Wheelers). Use of this website and payment of a fee to use the services of Gravity Wheelers signifies an understanding and acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

The owners and operators of Gravity Wheelers, the gravitywheelers(.co.uk) & (.com) websites and any associated business understand that privacy is of critical importance to its success in providing our service. We are totally and truly committed to best practices in terms of privacy safeguards for all clients.

Gravity Wheelers believes that along with the core product, it provides important services, including efficient one-to-one communications, an extensive and valuable database of information, etc.

The relationship between Gravity Wheelers and its clients may involve limited sharing of collected information that is described fully below. This data sharing is necessary for the optimal functioning of Gravity Wheelers and the gravitywheelers(.co.uk) & (.com) websitese, which offers a valuable – but entirely optional – service to customers, and which supports the no-cost-to-users model under which that part of the business operates.

This policy represents the privacy commitments of Gravity Wheelers.

Collected Information

When you become a customer for the services of Gravity Wheelers or gravitywheelers(.co.uk) & (.com) websites, you will be required to declare information that may include personal information about yourself or others you may be acting for. This information may include (but is not limited to) your name, address, age, nationality, travel plans, e-mail details, payment details, etc. All such information is securely stored and regularly backed up.

Use Of Information

Information is used to conclude transactions, communicate with you and implement and improve the functions of both Gravity Wheelers and the gravitywheelers(.co.uk) & (.com) websites.

Gravity Wheelers aims to offer advantage and benefit to both ends of the supply chain:

  • to substantially increase effectiveness in finding your requirement.
  • to achieve the above in a timely fashion.
  • to facilitate the process of “paperwork” quickly and easily.
  • to reduce the cost of doing business.
  • to improve efficiency through accurate, factual, real-time and obtainable information.
  • to maximise overall efficiency by improved allocation of resources.

Information gathered may be used by Gravity Wheelers to achieve the above in whatever reasonable format it decides. Aggregated statistical information may be used by Gravity Wheelers, made public, or transferred to third parties for marketing, promotion, market research, or other purposes, at the sole discretion of Gravity Wheelers. This aggregated information will not reference individual clients of Gravity Wheelers or Users of the gravitywheelers(.co.uk) & (.com) websites.


Clients cannot see or directly access stored information relating to other clients and all such information will be deemed as “sensitive” and protected to the best of our ability at all times. Any associated business to Antur Adventures Ltd may share this information but will be duty bound to protect it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Gravity Wheelers will not:

  • Provide any other third party with sensitive, personal or commercial information about its clients whatsoever.
  • Allow third party searches of any databases, the transaction database or any hard copy information in any way.
  • Release to any third party information traceable to individual clients or their payment details, transactions or other activity, except as specified within this policy or as required by law.

Gravity Wheelers will:

  • Make public or transfer to third parties aggregated information about activity for development, evolution of Gravity Wheelers, marketing, promotion, market research, or other purposes, at the sole discretion of Gravity Wheelers. This aggregated information will not be traceable to individual clients, nor will it include payment information.

Cookies (or similar)

A cookie is a small data file that some Web sites write to a web visitor’s computer’s hard drive when they visit them. A cookie file can contain information, such as a User ID, that the site uses to track the pages you’ve visited, but the only personal information a cookie can contain is information you supply yourself. Gravity Wheelers may use cookies (or similar) to track traffic patterns, such as when various links are clicked.


It is the intention of Gravity Wheelers to develop and use a privacy policy in consultation with leading external advisors experienced in electronic commerce, legal and privacy matters.

Gravity Wheelers will operate and adhere to its privacy policy by regular documented auditing which will be available by request as soon as they are undertaken.

Complaints & Disputes

A Gravity Wheelers customer must bring any dispute or complaint to the attention of Gravity Wheelers in writing no longer than twenty (20) days from the origin of the dispute or complaint. Gravity Wheelers shall then be granted an additional sixty (60) days to investigate and resolve such a dispute or complaint without involving third parties or outside solicitors, litigation or counsel.

In the event of a complaint or dispute not being satisfactorily resolved, both parties (the Customer and Gravity Wheelers) irrevocably agrees that the dispute will be settled and determined by final and binding arbitration pursuant to the United Kingdom and that such arbitration will be conducted in accordance with the Rules and Procedures in current effect under English law.