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The human body is designed for use – we currently call this exercise, and the human body is being diminished by its absence.

It is proven that we will almost certainly live longer and get ill less often if we build some exercise, sorry an activity, into our lives.

Just doing small amounts of moderate exercise every day will make you more mentally alert, feel better which in turn can help you to tackle problems with more confidence.

Do these activities in an environment that produces oxygen then this process is even heightened. Kick Scooters or Kick Bikes help provide aerobic or cardiovascular exercise. The balance action helps your body to use lots of different muscle groups for whole body workout.

Scootering is a form of low impact cardio – reducing the strain on your joints, compared to an activity like running.

It also offers variable cardio, as you maintain an increased heart rate and you can make it as hard or easy as you like, compared to running in the mountains. i.e you can free wheel down the slopes and scoot or walk up the hills.

scooter fitness

Many people spend a lot of their day hunched over computers or a desk due to their work requirement.

They spend a lot of time in the flex position. Scootering provides the means of being nice and upright with your shoulders back whilst engaging the body’s core muscles as they scooter.

For fitness, scooting comes in between cycling and running, providing a holistic lower-body workout, with many different muscle groups being targeted during the forwards and backwards motion of the kicking leg, and during the dip of the standing leg.

We could go on and on but we suggest that you come and try a scootering session – our simple journey to the next village and feel the benefits of kick bikes for yourself.

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