• The First Kick Scooter Rental in the UK
  • Bike Shack - Unit 25 Watling Street Swimming Pool Car Park - Llanrwst - N Wales - LL260LS


We allow each booking to be two hours, around set times, and this includes the time for a safety briefing, joint scooter inspection/tuition and starts after payment.

You can travel whereever you want, but we have vetted and timed routes to suit all requirements.

A leisure route could be done in 20 minutes with a fitness fanatic - but the point of a leisure route is to include selfies and ice-cream stops and a sit along the river.  The point is, you roughly have 1 hour and 45 minutes actual scooter time.

You need to be back on time as there will be people waiting for your return and if you are late you will be charged a late fee!

We have 8 vetted routes to cater for everyone. These are broken down into:
2 flat ( no hills whatsoever!)
2 downhill introduction routes
2 physically challenging routes
2 pure downhillers

We try in our descriptions to provide a guide on difficulty levels.

Yes! You need to be 18 and have a credit card to cover a preauthorization damage waiver! You can pay for siblings and this will be assessed by you and the GW representative depending on height, dexterity and the route you plan to take.

Yes, our hire scooters are 100kg maximum weight, that is 17 stone ! Please do not be embarrassed if we ask to weight you, as its for your own safety. 

If you can walk up a mountain then you can do all our routes. Just scootering on a flat road will increase your heart rate and likely use core muscles not used for some time! Scootering provides aerobic and anaerobic fitness exercise - but as long as you can walk you will be able to get back.

We will supply you with a scooter, helmet and glasses (for stone and mud spray). Depending which route you will be doing we can also supply padlocks.

Dress code really depends on the weather and which route you are doing etc. You will get warm with the exercise, and you may be travelling at speed so a wind breaker is a must!

Big walks require sturdy shoes - we cannot turn up with flipflops! If you are doing the flat routes then good trainers may suit you better. Remember you are doing an exercise so we recommend not using your Prada or Gucci shoes!