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Staying Fit During Time Of Uncertainty

How to find health benefits Taking care of your body is more of what we are use to, but taking care of your mind as well is as important, and lacking in todays commercial environment. Exposure to the great outdoors boosts mental health. Many studies have found that those who spend more time in green

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Let’s not call it fitness

The human body is designed for use – we currently call this exercise, and the human body is being diminished by its absence. It is proven that we will almost certainly live longer and get ill less often if we build some exercise, sorry an activity, into our lives. Just doing small amounts of moderate

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Top Five Tips To Stay Younger At The Older Age

How to trick your mind that you are not exercising!  Ok as an older adult I can now say this, physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health and do it regularly. Exercise can prevent or delay many health problems documented that come with age. Activities require muscle

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