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Download PDF of the The Nant Valley View Map

The Nant - valley view of Llanrwst

A little exercise with a great reward
Journey est 3 Miles (4.8km)

The Nant is the first easy access view point within the Gwydir forest.

This route is also the start to four of our Scooter routes

This route has one has grade 6 hill with 3 great view points and a spectacular waterfall – View factor 9/10.


You must NEVER use (ride) our scooters on the public highway, and your rental agreement requires you to knowledge this. At times where there is no pavement you must dismount and walk with your scooter!

The basic route to the Gwydir Forest playground is:

Come out of Watling Street car park and turn left and follow the road round and come to the junction for the A470.

Please walk to leave our car park, and turn left onto Watling Street and follow it round to the main road junction A470. Walk across the main road veering right towards the stone bridge. Walk over the bridge and pass the Tu Hwnt I’r Bont ( the hut at the bridge) on your right, and step on to your scooter when on the pavement.

Turn Left towards Gwydor Castle

Do Not Turn Right – Dangerous Road

Turn Right and Start Your Ascent

It is the law, PEDESTRIANS ALWAYS have right of way ! Be curtious and always stop scootering to pass pedestrians on a typical pavement, as you do not want to bump into them.

For about 400 yards on the curve of the bend you will see on the opposite side of the road another road leading up, and sign posted to Gwydir Uchaf Capel.
Take this road and start your ascent.
At the top of the hill it levels off and there is a turning left to head up a smaller hill.
You are now on the fairly level part of the Nant, and where you turn right and within 50 yards you are presented with a wooden bench to sit and take in the views.

Gwydir Uchaf Capel Short Hill

The Nant View Point

Gwydir Mawr & Bach Car Park

If you have done this route within 30 minutes, you can travel further along the Nant view into the Gwydir Mawr & Bach Car Park. Go slowly down the car park as will come to a junction of a main road. Dismount and cross the road sign posted for Llanrhychwyn. 20 yards on your right you will see a little layby (lock you scooters here) and cross the road to where there is a wooden gate. This route takes you down to view the spectacular “Grey Mare’s Tail Waterfall”.

Return to your scooter and head back and pass The Nant Valley view bench. Turn left to head down the hill. Please ride slowly this is a steep hill and at the bottom is a junction onto the main road. Dismount and walk along the main road to the Gwydir castle car park where the pavement start to head back to Llanrwst.

The Gwydir Forest Scooter Park Map

Gwydir Forest - Google Arial View