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The Nant - valley view of Llanrwst

A little exercise with a great reward
Journey est 3 Miles (4.8km)

The Nant is the first easy access view point within the Gwydir forest.
This route has one has grade 6 hill with 3 great view points and a spectacualr waterfall - View factor 9/10

The basic route to the Gwydir Forest playground is:

Come out of Watling Street car park and turn left and follow the road round and come to the junction for the A470.


You must NEVER use (ride) our scooters on the public highway, and your rental agreement requires you to knowledge this. At times where there is no pavement you must dismount and walk with your scooter!

Dismount and walk aross the road and head to the stone bridge. WALK over the bridge pushing your scooter towards the little cottage called "Tu Hwnt I'r Bont - The bridge hut house". On your left is stone circle monument.

At the little coattage (Tu Hwnt I'r Bont - selling great icecream) there is a footpath where you can mount and start kick scootering!

It is the law, PEDESTRIANS ALWAYS have right of way !.
Be curtious and alway stop scooter to pass pedestrians on a typical pavement, as you do not want to bump into them.

On the curve of the bend there is a left hand turn sign posted for Gwydir Castle. Take this turn, staying onthe pavement until you reach the entrance and car park for Gwydir castle. Please dismount and contnue by walking on the road.

For about 400 yards on the curve of the bend you will see on the opposite side of the road another road leading up, and sign posted to Gwydir Uchaf Capel.
Take this road and start your ascent.
At the top of the hill it levels off and ther is a turning left to head up a smaller hill.
You are now on the fairly level part of the Nant, and where you have the option to turn left or right.



If you have taken your time we suggest that you turn right to get to the bench for the first view point of the Conwy Valley. From here you can continue up into the Gwydir Mawr & Back car park where many mountain bikers start their journey on this formally know MTB route called the "Marin Trail"


3 Miles (4.8km)

the nant Bowls

3.73 Miles ( 6KM)

The nanat right hafan mine


The nanat left

4.5 miles (7.2km0