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Growth in Bikejoring - exercise for you and you dog !

Bikejoring came about to help keep you dog-sled team in a good level of fitness. Dry Mushing is another name depending in what part of the world you are from.

So when there’s no snow for sledging people to use their dogs and connect up to carts, this has now developed  to connect up to their mountain bikes and now has become a full sport on its own with kick scooters –  specialist off-road large wheel scooters that you can tag 1-6 dogs to create a full rig.


 bike to be faster than canicross that people can get generally cycle faster than they can run what is canicross canicross is where you have your dog on a waist belt connected to you and you run with your dog so so you’re biking is a lot faster obviously your dogs need some training turned the stand where you want to go left or right stop go faster and obviously be trained not to be distracted by a squirrel’s cats and other dogs there’s some specialist equipment you obviously want to stop the lead going into the wheel and there are a number of components that you just add to your steering column of your mountain bike or kick bike but again you want to look after your dog and they need a comfortable harness to connect to the towing lead especially if you got a team of dogs there has to be a specialist setup

What is Cannicross

Canicross is a sport where a human and a dog run together to form part of a team. A mix of their skill and obviously physical ability, as the dog runs in front and the runner who guides the dog with verbal commands.  This is very similar to Bikejoring where you really do need to work as a team. I believe Canicross is the breakdown of canine cross country running, or Canis in the Latin word for dog.

Dogs of all breeds and sizes can do canicross, also this is the same with Bikejoring where humans need to respect the limits of the dog – there’s only so far a chihuahua can run !